Shadow Empire Preview Videos

Several preview videos of Shadow Empire can now be viewed over on youTube:

Previews are done by, and thanks to, Tortuga, DasTactic and Grey Hunter!

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4 Responses to Shadow Empire Preview Videos

  1. max2605 says:

    I have look all Video of them ^^ and its a realy nice Game. But i have a few suggetions, i Like the Build Units mangemant that you can choose a template to Build so 1 HQ and 5 Untis. But in my Opinion it would be realy nice if you choose the size Corps that its build 5* Battalion Templates for the Army size then 5 Crops Templates a Battalion Template, and i like the Battalion Template Desinger out of AdvTG so that you can stick youre own Desings together. For the Logistic the biggest issue in AdvTG i have if i Build Big Army that have Corpes and They have Battalions and the Battalions have Troops is that is need Rounds for Supply and Reinforcement to get to them, i think if the Smalest units is a Battalion it maybe ok with 4 Rounds (HQ ARMY->HQ CORPS->HQ Battalion->Battalion but (i don’t know how much of effort it took to Programm that) it would be really nice if supply move Like in Hearts of Iron 3 (I dont like the System in HOI IV) throu the Provinces with the speed of the Infrastucture Level (Foot Road Train) and the Improvmet of That the Supply dont need move to Berlin and then get to The Troops it should be possible to Create Forward Supply Depos. Advanced Tactics Gold have i played for hours, and i See forward to Play Shadow Empire, and Of Course The Anncounced Multiplayer YAY that i realy miss in AdvTG. Please It is Possible to buy the alpha of Shadow empire?

  2. vic says:

    Release shouldn’t be to far off :)

  3. Zoltan says:

    Great news, can’t wait for the day of the release! Maybe today? :)

  4. averageintellect says:

    can you at least make it available for pre-order or early access haha.

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