Shadow Empire Design Snippet #24

Snippet #24: Regime Feats

I am adding Regime Feats to Shadow Empire. Their purpose is to give a bit more punch to the Profile system and to give your Empire a bit more character.

At start of game your ‘little’ Empire will start with just a few Regime Feats. You can gain more of them if you get a Profile (21 available) to a very high score. You can also lose a Regime Feat if its corresponding Profile drops to low. The Regime Feat gives you bonuses every turn like Skill roll modifiers, extra items, Leaders or for example happiness. But more importantly they allow your Military Units to gain Unit Feats. These are small specialized teams. For example Firing Squads, Technomages or Bunker Buster Teams.

You can get a Profile up by making Decisions that increase the Profile. But the quickest way is to accept a Demand of one of your Factions that is linked to the Profile in question. However these Demands might not always be easy to execute. Demands always come with a deadline and can ask you to build X number of Assets, raise your Tech level, but also to go to War with a specific neighbour or conquer a specific City.

Up to a point you can steer these Demands. This is because you can influence the Elections. It is the winning Factions (majority) of elections that decides which Demands will be made. By gerrymandering, governor appointments and changes to your electoral system (Parliament, Senate, Politburo) you can influence things. If you feel like it. Personally I prefer to run with the givens.

Hope this small snippet of info shows a bit how I am adding chrome and content to the world. The goal is it feels like you are in charge of an Empire… well or if your more democratic minded… a Republic. ;)

Best wishes,

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