Case Blue version 1.08f is released!

5dce92fff55dd246b2a7c103426becc3It took a bit of time but Decisive Campaigns Case Blue is finally updated to v1.08f. This concerns the Matrix as well as the Steam version. Changes concern mostly graphics options and an extra AI added.

New graphics options include: Minimalist Counter option, Regime Coloring option for hexes, In-game resolution changes added, Possibility for windowed play added through windows.txt config file, High Speed graphics option added in prefs tab.

AI improvements include improved AI calculations and new ‘Hybrid AI’ resulting from DC3:Barbarossa improvements implemented in a new version of 2nd Kharkov and Case Blue (full).

DC:Case Blue owners can now also download and run the Decisive Campaigns : Community Project. For more info on the Community Project go here.

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