Vics Barbarossa AI Log #3 : Missing some je-ne-sais-Guderian

After improving the Soviet artificial intelligence (AI) I am now turning my attention to the German AI. In this AI log we’ll take a look at how it is doing right now.

The German AI is basically not doing so bad and in the end managed to get one of the three major objectives. It is already in quite good shape, especially considering that is facing more Soviet units than a human player would be fielding. However as discussed in the video above I feel it is missing something. I’d like to call it a certain je-ne-sais-quoi… Its a bit of that edge that made commanders like Guderian and Manstein so effective.

But what is that edge? If I drill things down I think the issue with the German AI is it needs to take calculated risks at the right spots. The spots are where their four ‘Panzergruppen’ are and the risks are that these ‘Panzergruppen’ need to advance more while leaving some Soviet units in their rear. Furthermore the german Infantry divisions need to accept that sometimes higher casualties can be acceptable if it leads to capturing essential terrain or opening up the road for those ‘Panzergruppen’.

Sounds like a tough lesson to teach :) When I have a new German AI ‘Guderian’ version running I’ll report back here if I succeeded.

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