Vics Barbarossa AI Log #1 : The Soviets need to hold the line

Beta testing is well under way and one on my big tasks is to get the artificial intelligence (AI) in to tip-top shape. I thought it could be nice if to take the readers along for the ride in some regular AI dev logs.

Current results from the beta group playing versus the Soviet AI were positive, but some more experienced players had a bit more mixed results. Some of them managed to crush the Soviet AI just a bit to easily.

Let me show you a video of an AI-to-AI game which mimicks an experienced human German player versus a regular AI:

The way I code and improve the artificial intelligence is by making analysis of its current behaviour and then designing a plan to improve its behaviour.

Analysis of current behaviour:
-The Soviet AI in the North is losing to much troops before the Germans reach the defensible swamps and forests around Leningrad. Because of this the AI does not manage to keep the line later on.
-The Soviet AI in the Center almost manages to stop the Germans, but it might have made its stance just 2 or 3 turns to early. Furthermore it seems to hold the southern part of the center front (Bryansk) quite well, while giving to much terrain on the key highway Smolensk-Moscow. Eventually this leads to an early fall of Moscow.
-The Soviet AI in the South gets a lot of armies in this playthrough but it doesn’t manage to hold the Dnjepr-line as well as it should.

Plan for improving the AI:
Considering everything the Soviet AI needs to:
1. On a few exceptions (Riga, Odessa, Pripjet) retreat as many troops intact to a defensible line. Which is roughly the Leningrad forests – Smolensk – Dnjepr line.
2. Better understand (like in the center) where the enemies main drive is and move the brunt of it forces there. Especially if it concerns a direct attack on Moscow.
3. Hold the Dnjepr line at all costs. This means holding it to the hex and making aggressive counter attacks against bridgeheads while they are still small.

Cannot make this log to long, since I have to get back to coding :)
But I hope you join me again in my next AI log to see if I got the Soviet AI to toughened up as intended.

Best wishes,

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3 Responses to Vics Barbarossa AI Log #1 : The Soviets need to hold the line

  1. Chris says:

    We appreciate the updates from you and Cameron. Keep them coming!

  2. Jeff says:

    It’s good that you’ve got the AI vs. AI thing going now, also that you’ve been giving it this kind of attention. Why did the game stop at the first Winter ? Is weather random in the game ?

  3. vic says:

    Thanks Chris. Will do.

    Hey there Jeff,
    I have just been running the first 30-40 rounds in the video. Will try to show a bit longer video next turn!
    The weather is random, but within historical parameters. To paraphrase GoT: Winter will be coming for sure! :)
    best wishes,

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