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A quick update on Shadow Empire

Shadow Empire design blog #3 Just a quick word I am still alive and kicking. Designing a new engine is not easy. I have to juggle a lot of different tasks at the same time, but slowly everything is moving … Continue reading

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Fog of war and possible enemy presence

One of the big changes in Shadow Empire compared to all my previous titles is that I dropped the system where players actually own the hexes on the map. In Shadow Empire players only own their locations and units. This … Continue reading

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Why I love stacking and dropped it

One of the things that Shadow Empire will not have (much) is: stacking. For the uninitiated: stacking is the ability to put more than one unit in a hex. In my Decisive Campaigns and Advanced Tactics titles you can stack … Continue reading

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And we will name you: Shadow Empire

Just a quick note. I finally can stop cautious talk about ‘Workname Empire’. I have decided on a final name. The name for my new engine is ‘Shadow Empire’. Like it or hate it… names are like that. Most important … Continue reading

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Art director/artist wanted for 2D hex based postapocalyptic strategy game

Artists wanted at Slitherine/Matrix/Ageod Specifically looking for a talented Art Director/Artist to lead on the look and feel of an upcoming strategy game. The game is a 2D hex based post apocalyptic strategy/4X game. We are looking for someone to … Continue reading

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November, December and January development progress report

Its about time for a news update on workname Empire. Summing it up I finished the whole framework for the AI in November and the screen layouts in January. December was partly given over to both and partly out due … Continue reading

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