Art director/artist wanted for 2D hex based postapocalyptic strategy game

Artists wanted at Slitherine/Matrix/Ageod

Specifically looking for a talented Art Director/Artist to lead on the look and feel of an upcoming strategy game.

The game is a 2D hex based post apocalyptic strategy/4X game. We are looking for someone to provide concept art, art direction, plus generating all in game art assets.

The game universe is situated on a distant planet in the far future. After a huge interstellar war and a nuclear apocalypse this planet has dropped back in to the dark ages. The player is leading one of the resurgent forces trying to re-establish order, technology and civilization. Tech level starts at savage mid 20th century level and ramp all the way up into early sci-fi stages.

It’s a turn based game with influences from classic games like Civilization, Empire and Advance Wars. Game features include among others: random planetary maps, shroud & fog of war, research, morph able map and construction, multiplayer support, leaders with stats and skills, story driven campaign, logistics and a supply system.

This will be a substantial multi-month project. It is possible that the role may be split into a number of roles with a concept artist guiding the style and other artist/s creating the actual in game content but the ideal candidate would be able to fulfill all roles.

Interested applicants should send an email to with a link to their portfolio.

Here is the link to the original job-add:

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