Great DC:Barbarossa AAR

Daniel McBride has written up a great after action report. Check it out over here:

It is an interesting AAR to read as there is a close resemblance to how things went in 1941. However he did manage to capture that one city, the Germans didn’t manage to do in 1941, but then there is a twist again.

I am not going to give any spoilers. You’ll have to read it for yourself :)

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Shadow Empire Poll #1

There has been a lot of feedback to Shadow Empire already. I have been happy that most of it was positive :) And I would like to thank everybody who supported me in buying Shadow Empire.

At this moment I am churning out “open beta” builds almost everyday as I am focussing on making the game even more stable and improving or fixing rules that were not exactly doing what they should have been doing.

I hope that within a few weeks I can shift time to actually adding stuff to the game. And I would like to have some player input by that time. I am not going to do what the majority wants, but I do want to take it into account. I don’t want to spend my time on something only a small minority of players wants to see added :)

Below I have 4 questions for you all. You can only pick 1 answer in each question and that is done deliberately to force you to commit to a preference. Might be a bit painful to choose, but it will be more insightful for me. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!

What should have the focus of the dev?

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What existing part of the game should have polishing priority?

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What part of AI development should have priority?

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What kind of BIG new feature-set would interest you the most?

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Shadow Metrics #1: What’s the typical ascension speech?

Quite a number of players have accepted to share some metrics while playing Shadow Empire. This will help me (the dev) over the long run to make game balance improvements. However it is also fun stuff to inspect. Anonymously of course!

The variant focussed on society.

Every player in Shadow Empire has to make an ascension speech. There are 3 variants of this Decision, one focussed on economy, one focussed on society and one focussed on politics.

And it turns out that contrary to public myth the majority of the players do not seem to be totalitarians. In fact “Calulating and Logical” is most often chosen. Like the NPC Leader above says: “Science is Power!”

If there is any specific decision you’d like me to feature in a next Shadow Metrics post feel free to voice your opinion.

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And we have lift-off

Shadow Empire has been released just now. Hop on over to my publisher Matrix Games for more information:

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One day left till Shadow Empire release!

While we still wait a day longer I’d like to share this great walkthrough of the different Planet classes by DasTactic.

A quick tour visiting all Planet classes

For more information on Shadow Empire and how to actually buy it hop on over to my publisher Matrix Games.

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Shadow Empire Preview Videos

Several preview videos of Shadow Empire can now be viewed over on youTube:

Previews are done by, and thanks to, Tortuga, DasTactic and Grey Hunter!

Best wishes,


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