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First of all a big thanks to everybody buying Shadow Empire and/or Oceania during the last 2 weeks. It is much appreciated and there is plenty of feedback coming in! Positive and of course negative too. I am listening to both and will make adjustments and fixes where needed.

My plan is to share an outline of my development plans for Shadow Empire in a week or two. In the meantime I am still shuffling priorities to find the best angle of attack possible. So don’t be surprised if I am slower than expected. Shuffling takes time, you know…

I can already share that I have planned quite a lot of work on the Core game which will slowly be moving towards 1.3 over time.

My aim is to address all the persistent major complaints that are specific. (I am not redoing the engine)

At the moment I am working on an optional Blueprints feature that will help you design efficient new Model Types with much less clicking. Especially for aircraft design this will be a great tool. It should make an appearance in the open beta early next week or late this week.

After that I also want to address economical/bureaucratic snowballing, some minimal Planet-Gen customization options, AI using aircraft better and more often, a new “midcore” Logistics rules option that will be usable by the AI and much more. And in no particular order.

I am also looking towards the possibility of doing a second DLC. I have already done a poll question on that topic during Christmas.

But I want to ask again now. I have also added some thematic. The choice below is very binary and no information about implementation is given on purpose. I just want to know which thematic appeals the most. I’ll take the outcome of this poll along in my decisions.

I would prefer a possible 2nd DLC to be focused on:

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Best wishes,

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D-Day for Oceania

The trailer for the DLC

And the first DLC for Shadow Empire, and my first DLC ever, has now been released! More info over here:

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Oceania T minus 1 screenshot

Some high grade Laser-powered Quad-Machineguns are extending a bridgehead further land inwards. Notice the logistical points, obtained by MTH Trade Contracts, entering at port and connecting with the logistics of the Truck Station there present.
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Oceania T minus 2 screenshot

By dealing with the Maritime Trade Houses (MTHs) you’ll obtain recon on the Oceans. Furthermore there is the Intel and the Recon Stratagem that will help you obtain more info on specific Sea Zones and the islands in them, or the lands around them.
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Oceania T minus 3 screenshot

Sharrock Clan is holding an Auction. All Major Regimes in contact with this Maritime Trade House (MTH) will be able to put in a “blind” bid. Acquiring shares will provide you with Influence Points you can spend when you call Policy Meetings.
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Oceania T minus 5 screenshot

Once you have become a shareholder of a Maritime Trade Houses (MTH) you’ll have a wealth of data becoming available to you. Each MTH is unique and has its own attitudes and personality.
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