Shadow Empire Poll #1 Results

The poll has been running for a few weeks now and I have just closed it. What should have priority for continued work on SE? That was my main question behind this poll.

Thank you for participating (if you did)! And here is a link to study the results:

I decided to share almost all feedback. Especially the results for the very important question 18 was very close. Personally I have a slight preference for adding exciting new features.

Considering new features the ‘bigger oceans and navy systems’ was the most popular request. But just as popular as ‘better AI + increased AI speed’ taken together.

The latter of those two is something (especially speed) that is causing part of the players (about 15%-20% to be (slightly) annoyed). So it is something I should get on top of.

It needs to be said that some of the other (other than navy) possible new features got a lot of support as well (like more varied minor/major cultures, weather/terraforming, deeper trade systems, more regime profiles and deeper politics and harder difficulty going into mid game).

I think I am quite sure after reading this that the AI speed and quality should be a major point to work on for the future. Not sure I can work a miracle, but it would be nice if I could cut the time by half. With some serious effort that should be possible. Also the model designer might well have to be given its own dedicated non-paper based popup window. AI + Model design count for me as improving existing systems.

The question I remain with is related to adding new features… The navy systems in particular… I have the time after the summer to do either those ships & navy zones or do multiple other systems that together might add more to the game. I start to feel like avoiding the navy systems would allow me to actually free up a lot of time and push for a lot more fun content. Anyway the jury is still out on that question. I’ll by enjoying my summer months first and then come late summer/ early fall i’ll make a decision.

Thanks for participating! It helps a lot to have an idea of whats on the SE players minds.

Best wishes, Vic

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Call to action!

Call to all Shadow Empire players to come on over to the bar and answer some questions on their gaming habits and what direction they’d like to see Shadow Empire go!

Click here to report for duty:

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Shadow Artpack Mod

Pymous made a great art Mod for Shadow Empire. Over 140 new Stratagem artworks will give you a completely fresh experience when playing with them!

Pymous has an intuitive grasp to truly depict the Shadow Empire as intended by the developer

Get this Art Mod over here:

And do not forget… if you’d like to see more mods like these, you might want to make a small donation to Pymous :)

Best wishes,


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Much improved Critters in Shadow Empire

Alien Fauna is coming to life with the newest version of Shadow Empire!

There were only around 6 different graphics used to display all the possible xeno-biological evolutionary results in Shadow Empire. Now, thanks to artist Mike Tenebrae, there are over 120 different graphics in different sizes and colours. This ensures that every new alien critter you’ll meet feels new and unique.

Read more on the new features over on the Matrix website:

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Shadow Empire gets Air Forces!

Shadow Empire will be released on Steam on December 3rd and it comes with an exciting development: air units will be added to the game. Air forces are the first big post-release addition to the rules of Shadow Empire.

When setting up a new game you can explicitly choose to have the Air Force rules enabled or disabled as well.

Read more over on the Matrix website:

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GD38v3 scenario for ATG received a big update!

British and Soviets are jointly defending the Caucasus in GD38 scenario

Claus E. Füssel did another big update to the grand Global Domination scenario GD1938v3 for Advanced Tactics Gold.

A scenario that has went to many versions and that has been perfected over time. It is a must-play planet-wrapping 1938-1945 ww2 PBEM scenario for many players (or multiple teams).

Here are the update highlights:

Check out the list of the hundreds of different historical airplanes and tanks over here:

And download the actual over here:

Lets end this post with some more screenies:

The whole world is a theater of war

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