Advanced Tactics explores new ground

Last week a new public beta for Advanced Tactics Gold has been released. It brings a big new feature to the game. The ‘New Dawn’ random games and custom scenarios can now use so called Tables of Organisation (TOE). A concept well known the more Grognardian of players. This allows the players to design the ideal contents of a unit. After assigning a unit to a TOE model the game will automaticly use logistical resources (trains,trucks,cargoships) to send the appropriate troops to it. This new feature can be used by scenario designers to create historical TOEs, but in random games the imagination is the only limit to the kind of TOEs the player wants to add.

The feature comes with a lot of detail and when designing TOE models you can also choose the NATO counter graphics, the way the units are named and much more. So far as I know it is unique for a wargame to have the option to create your own TOEs while actually playing a game.

This has been, after the officers and the custom tank models, another new addition to the the ‘New Dawn’ random games in ATG, which functions as a running laboratory for features for an eventual new Advanced Tactics 2 game. Feedback so far has been positive and the new feature has the ability to seriously change the feel and mouse-click load of the game.



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