Scenario in the spotlight: Global Domination 1938

Although a recent poll showed only a quarter of our visitors play PBEM I still want to put this scenario for Advanced Tactics Gold in the spotlight.

Its my (VR) way of giving a little hommage to the hard work of some modders/designers. It has been recently updated to version 2.10 and has been in construction over the last years. If you like PBEM gaming its really worth a try.

Global Domination 1938, is designed by Claus E. Fussel (ernieschwitz) and Bombur. It is also inspired by Tom Webers World at War scenario. Currently it is in version 2.10, and is only playable as a multiplayer game, with no AI. The game starts in 1938 on the 10th of January.

Features include:
· 8 major countries, and 48 minor countries on a global map
· Minor countries can be influenced by diplomatic cards, such as Coup, Diplomatic Discord and Diplomatic Action.
· Minor countries have preferences to who they like and drift naturally towards some major country.
· Random events will sometimes cause countries to dislike you more or less.
· 170 research fields, some available only after a certain date, and some only to certain major countries.
· Some researches result in unique units for each regime, for instance fighters are highly personalized for each major country.
· 390 different types of Subformation types. Some only available to certain nations.
· Research “leaks” as it is developed, making it cheaper for other nations to research it.
· United States is in a state of Isolationism, but can still develop, although cannot join the war until it has been either attacked or wakes from this state.
· Alternative history is possible and highly encouraged in play.


Matrix Forums last update notes on scenario
Download location of scenario on the scenario bank

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