Discussing the feasibility of a battalion or company level game with the DC engine

Just sharing a link to a discussion on the Matrix forums. Lower level scale is an intriguing idea that would probably work well. Especially in a linked-scenario campaign setting. Also repeating something I posted in this thread: Potential game designers might want to notice that VR Designs is open to commercial joint ventures with proven scenario designers that have shown they can find their way around with the editor and the engine AI.

Oh.. and thanks for taking the poll everybody. The results where quite clear: 75% of the players who answered the poll are basically “AI players”. This would have to be adjusted for the fact that PBEM players are more than averagely active on websites and fora and so in reality the PBEM gamer is probably only 1 out of 6-8 players. For VR it reinforces the fact that we need to have as good as possible AI in our games and cannot rely on telling players to just play eachother. Not saying there is no market for PBEM only games, but being already in a niche it seems like going after a subsection of an already small player base.


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  1. Majgen says:

    Speaking of battalion and company-level, some players like to resolve battles by modeling the encounter in another, more tactical game (e.g., Combat Mission) and then entering the results into saved games. Is this generally possible with games like DC and ATG?

  2. vic says:

    No sorry majgen, it is not an option to override combat outcomes.

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