Which older games are influencing Workname Empire?

In this post I would like to share 5 games with you that I really liked as a younger player and that have elements that are still driving my design.

1. Empire Deluxe

The thing that I am taking from this game is exploration. If you ask me there is something magical in sending out that Destroyer and exploring the coastlines of unknown continents. And then later on follow it up with a cargoship dropping of troops to take hold of the continent and explore its interior.

2. Advance Wars

The thing that I am trying to take from this game is ease of play while retaining depth. I want Workname Empire to be playable and a pleasure to move units around, do combat or just look around the map.

3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The thing that I like here is that leaders play such an important role. What I am trying to do in Workname Empire is to have real bonding between the player and the leaders he has available. They will have stats and skills and be able to develop as the game continues and they gain more experience. Probably wandering leaders will also be recruitable or will join you from one of your cities.

4. Warlords

Next to the artwork done by Steve Ford (who also did AT and ATG artwork) I loved the heroes in this game. It really got it right in my opinion. The ability to chose to use them in the frontline or as wandering explorers searching out the treasures of the temples was very cleverly done. Expect to see the same kind of dual use leaders in Workname Empire.

5. The whole wargame tradition

There is a zillion games in the SSI and Matrix catalogue I played a lot. I group them together here because in a way I love them for the same reasons. I love frontlines, lines of supply, combined arms, concentric attacks, manouvre and lots of tables of modifications. What I am trying to do with Workname Empire is to keep the essential rules of most wargames in, but making them as streamlined and accessible as possible.

Hope you all enjoyed this little flash to the past and will have some more news soon.

Kind regards,

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6 Responses to Which older games are influencing Workname Empire?

  1. Jafele says:

    Yes, I still remember some of those lovely games. Maybe workname empire have something in common with Strategic Command? This game includes diplomacy, supply and research (technologies): http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=231&Itemid=362

  2. vic says:

    Yes I love especially the enormous sense of coherence of Hubert Carters first Strategic Command game.

    One element I liked in Strategic Command 2 was the ability to chose which unit will receive which research upgrades. For a part of the research fields in like for example expensive environment suits you’ll see the same optional upgrades in Workname Empire.

    However I must say I like the effect of non-upgradeable research as well since it creates diversity in your armies between state-of-the-art and older technology.

  3. Jafele says:

    Exactly. It´s very important for a game to be designed and updated by the same author along the years, that brings coherence (like Advanced Tactics). SC serie started in 2002 and still it´s alive thanks to Hubert work. I call “dead games” those without support and/or updates. You can find interesting features in SC (I must say SC has been one of my favourite games).

  4. Roy says:

    I can identify with 1 and 5. Deluxe Empire (still have the game box with manual) is one of my all time favorite games. I believe I first played a version of it in the 1990s. Been playing wargames since I was a kid (that was a long time ago!). In 1979 I watched my friend play B1 Bomber on a TRS-80. In 1981 I bought my first computer, an Atari 800. My favorite wargame on the Atari computer was Eastern Front by Chris Crawford. I’ve been playing computer games ever since. By 1985 I ceased playing board war games. Looking forward to Workname Empire!

  5. kaldadarnes says:

    My first proper strategy game was “the perfect general”. I see there is a web based version available so I may have to revisit it one day. (I love the way these classic titles are still around – there is so much affection for them).

    I also remember making my own board war-game, laboriously drawing hexes on a piece of card, designing combat tables, terrain modifiers, unit counters etc. it was highly sophisticated with a massive 3(!) unit types (armoured, mechanised and infantry). I suspect it has been thrown away but I would love to find it again. It was such fun to make, maybe I should have stuck with war-game design as a career…competition for Vic ;)

  6. vic says:

    I played a lot of Perfect General in the good old times. Was an excellent multiplayer game. I remember especially the artillery that you had to pre-plot a turn in advance and the demolished landscapes it caused.

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