June development progress report

Doesn’t time just fly by? Well in game development it defenitely seems to do so. In June I mostly worked on the “new mystery project”. We are currently in the phase that I have started recruiting an art director and will probably commence work on the final GUI soon. The whole plan is fleshed out, all mechanics are already working in alpha state, now it just needs to be made easy to play and tested, played and tested again. Also the writing of the campaign story is something I am really enjoying.

I still cannot say much due to various reasons but I can say something about the mechanics: I am working on giving the player 3 seperate play modes: a campaign game, random world games and stand-alone scenarios. The random world game will be playable with simple rules and advanced rules to be enjoyable by both veteran wargamers and less hardcore players at the same time. Since this blog is mostly read by the first category of gamers I can disclose as well that this game in advanced mode will feature quite an intricate supply and logistics system. For example it will be possible to cut of enemy strongholds and starve the troops there to dead or for troops beyond your supply network to run out of ammunition. As always I conclude with saying I really hope to tell a bit more next month :)

Furthermore I am putting quite some effort in to getting the DC3 new simple and intermediate editors up and running and stable. Its proving quite a headache to make things easier to design games with the DC engine and allow modular design, but I am defenitely making progress. All the editors are up and running and I am working on debugging them now and making them easier to use.

That about wraps it up. Happy gaming all!

Kind regards,

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3 Responses to June development progress report

  1. CSO_Talorgan says:

    The mystery project sounds enticing.

  2. Jafele says:

    Hmmm, random games, supply and ammunition… Interesting things for any serious wargame. I´d like to know if the AI is improved in some way. Is it a new engine?

    Thanks in advance

  3. vic says:

    Its a completely new engine. I am coding and designing everything up from scratch.

    Best regards,

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