February and March development progress report

Basically I worked quite a lot on the new mystery title. Still a long way to go, but making slow but good progress. Already got the early alpha version of the game running on Android tablet as well as PC. Aiming for a multiplatform release here. And I really want to give some more info on this game soon, but it is still to early to do so. Get ready to be surprised though :)

These two months also saw a major bug hit my Decisive Campaigns series. Somehow Microsoft managed to release a Windows7 update which actually caused my existing games, that where running just fine untill that moment, to breakdown on quite a lot of system configurations. It was very tough and time consuming to find out what was happening and why, but I eventually managed to code around it, lower memory use and even increase the speed of map scrolling in the DC titles. New patched versions of the patches for Warsaw to Paris and Case Blue have just gone gold a few days ago over at Matrix Games.

Advanced Tactics Gold v2.14 finally went gold as well, bringing the new officer feature to the masses.

Furthermore I have started spending a few hours in the week on DC3. :) Currently working on a new simple editor and a new easy way to design scenarios, while keeping the complex editor in at the same time to allow die-hard designers (like me) to create components for the simple editor. For me this DC version has to unlock the potential of the engine by making it much easier for players to design their own scenarios and interexchangeable-data files. As for DC3’s actual subject, its very probably going to be Operation Barbarossa and maybe beyond. Probably on divisional-regimental scale with weekly turns instead of the regimental-batallion scale used in DC1/DC2.

Oh… and Small General is now also available on the Samsung App store.

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3 Responses to February and March development progress report

  1. Mystical Knave says:

    I am really pleased to hear that this mystery project will be a multi platform release, as I love Small Generals (both of them), although unfortunately it looks like IOS is a platform too far :(

    Will this new game work on both phone as well as tablet sized androids?

  2. vic says:

    I am planning to make the mystery title available on iOS as well. It will probably only work on tablet sized handhelds, but not sure yet.

  3. Mystical Knave says:

    Fantastic news Victor, I think tablets are great for these sort of games and I am glad you are bringing your talents to IOS as well. If you need a beta tester, I am happy to help :)

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