Ardennes Offensive release in 2 weeks!

The Decisive Campaigns series is about to head in a new fresh direction with the fourth installment in the series moving to battalion-level scale. For this game I teamed up with Davide Gambina and the result is one hell of a detailed and fun (at the same time) game.

The engine has gone where it has never gone (LOS, intercept fire, height levels) before and the user-interface and overall looks have been revamped (to also fit the new scale).

There is a good AI in this title that makes solo play a pleasure, furthermore DC : Ardennes Offensive comes with good and useable editors.

Release is scheduled for the 18th over on Matrix Games. Below some in game-footage:

For my Shadow Empire fans I have good news too. I have been rather absent while finishing up DC : Ardennes Offensive. Its the curse of being a one man army fighting on multiple fronts. I forsee freeing up time for some serious support work on SE soon after release of DC : Ardennes Offensive.

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