New Mod: 2nd ‘American’ Civil War 1933

Take charges of one of the major powers of this fictional America: USA, Confederates, Texas, California or Mexico in this free for all fight for domination of America.
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I strongly recommend giving the newest mod by ernieschwitz a spin. I’ll buy you a beer if you win as Mexico ;) You can download it from the scenariobank:

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2 Responses to New Mod: 2nd ‘American’ Civil War 1933

  1. Dralmar says:

    I am to play Mexico in a PBEM game. I clicked on the link above, downloaded the file but when I open ATG and select install zip the game does not “see” any zip file. In fact it does not see the folder that I downloaded.
    When I “save as” with the file and then go to it in Explorer it is a Folder for CW which opens to two folders, Scenario and Graphics.
    Nowhere do I see a zip file. Others have tried to help me get the mod installed, but I don’t know what else to do.
    I am missing something. Do you know what it is?

  2. vic says:

    When you download the .atzip file save it on your desktop.
    When in ATG and clicking install zip, look in your desktop folder.

    best wishes,

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