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Yom Kippur War

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2018-05-18 00:22:57

In 1967, the Israeli Defense Forces scored a decisive victory against the combinded forces of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Israel controlled the strategic Suez Canal and the desert wastes of the Sinai. The Arab world vowed revenge.

The Preparations: Six years later, the forces of Egypt and Syria attacked the Zionist State again. This time, the Egyptians worked out a careful plan to cross the canal and backed up the plan with better prepared, trained, and equipped troops.

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Player Feedback

9Great game. I have looked for a good computer treatment of the Yom Kippur war since playing Bar-Lev in the 1970\'s (Yes, I\'m old). I have encountered the message about missing parachute graphic, too.
Winslow, January 24th, 2021, Rev#3

Scenario Chatbox

PlayerChat MessagePost Date
demy1942I loaded the game fine , but I get a message about a graphic file of the parachute division not present and do you want to continue which I did.November 3rd, 2018
W8taminuteThank you so much! I didn\'t realize dccp was required. Now everything is working fine!November 26th, 2017
lion_of_judahone more thing, you must download these scenario\'s into the mod folder of dccp, then extract them from the dccp programNovember 26th, 2017
lion_of_judahthese sceanrio\'s are played using dccp which is a separate download. You must have DC: Barbarossa though in order to use dccpNovember 26th, 2017
W8taminuteWhen I try to open the file it cannot be found. I changed the extension from dcx to dc3 so that DC:Barbarossa could read it. Could not locate more specific install instructions on this site, hence this message. Is YomKippur and the IranIraq scenario designed to be played with DC:Barbarossa?November 25th, 2017

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