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Triumph of the Reich v2

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2017-12-29 02:00:51

WWII scenario commencing in May 1941.

In addition to installing the scenario and graphics, a folder named Triumph will be added to the Advanced Tactics Gold directory.
Please move the March.wav file from this directory into the sound directory. The Triumph folder also contains the Game Manual. Pages 37-38 list recent changes made to v2.

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Player Feedback

9This is really awesome. Must have taken you a lot of time! Really, really fantastic. One thing I would say is that Virginia was such a big part of the war, I think it could be a bit more accurate. I think Richmond and DC need to be a bit farther apart to allow maneuvering between them, and you need the Shenandoah Valley. But really this is fantastic stuff. No bugs as of right now. The weather and personalized turn reports are a great touch. Bravo, this is a classic!
beltsman, September 24th, 2016, Rev#0
10Had given up on ATG for years, but this scenario, with the ability to modify the starting position of Barbarosa is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are super and much better than I\"ve seen in other mods. The game engine is awesome, in its detail, like simulating the problems a major river would cause in getting supply across. But most of kudos to the game designer, Ian,who was tireless in helping someone to learn how to actually play the game ATG and his mod.
Rybinsk1, September 1st, 2016, Rev#0

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