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Here you'll find an overview of anything related to downloading user-made scenarios and modding and scenario design.

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Serbian Campaign 1915PataploufDC:ComProj
Deep Battle 1938 v107BomburAT GOLD
Fastov 1943nikdavDC:ComProj
GD1938v3ernieschwitzAT GOLD
Europe 1933KhantiAT GOLD
Four Seasons AT2 FilesweormandAT GOLD

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Note that VR would really appreciate it if you take the time yourself to leave a review on the scenarios you tried. I really would like to see more reviews.

ScenarioChat Message
Serbian Campaign 1915


September 6th, 2018, bluth
An exquisite scenario. Easy to play, yet challenging !


September 6th, 2018, Armouredlion
My favorite WW2 game... after 30 years of gaming.
Serbian Campaign 1915


September 6th, 2018, Noot
Just finished your scenario playing as the Central Powers. I rate your scenario with a 8.5. It seems that you put in quite a bit of effort and the end result is good. I like that you choose a lesser known WW1 scenario which is some change compared to most other scenarios.


August 14th, 2018, Python
Compelling, detailed, so many decisions, great unit research. I have spent many hours in this scenario
A New Dawn DCCP 227g


July 23rd, 2018, Khanti
Great thing. It really shines with TOE/model features ATG now has. Graphics of terrain plus units unites perfectly. That should be ATG standard. All older scenarios could be updated with that one. The only drawback is ATG does not model airplanes (only vehicles). Or I am missing something.
Triumph of the Reich Game Manual v2


June 24th, 2018, DRommel
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)


January 8th, 2018, Stolze_Prinz
Great Job!

Most Recent Chat Messages

ScenarioChat Message
Europe 1933July 25th, 2018, Khanti
The original scenario \"Europe 1933\" also can be downloaded from scenario bank. It was made by ernieschwitz and was uploaded in 2011 as Beta version 3.30. My version is based on this one.
Enhanced Mod SuiteJune 10th, 2018, ernieschwitz
It is meant to be generated using a random map generator. If you enter one those in the start menu, choose standard random game. It is the place it says generic.at2. Click there and use the file that you got downloaded from here.
Europe Large MapJune 10th, 2018, ernieschwitz
This is a map, made for modders. For details about modding I suggest you go to the Advanced Tactics Gold Matrix Forum. There are a lot of threads there, and some people who can guide you in how to create a scenario with it.
Yom Kippur WarNovember 26th, 2017, W8taminute
Thank you so much! I didn\'t realize dccp was required. Now everything is working fine!
Yom Kippur WarNovember 26th, 2017, lion_of_judah
one more thing, you must download these scenario\'s into the mod folder of dccp, then extract them from the dccp program
Yom Kippur WarNovember 26th, 2017, lion_of_judah
these sceanrio\'s are played using dccp which is a separate download. You must have DC: Barbarossa though in order to use dccp
Yom Kippur WarNovember 25th, 2017, W8taminute
When I try to open the file it cannot be found. I changed the extension from dcx to dc3 so that DC:Barbarossa could read it. Could not locate more specific install instructions on this site, hence this message. Is YomKippur and the IranIraq scenario designed to be played with DC:Barbarossa?
Europe Large MapMay 7th, 2017, gravyface
Kind of confused with this. There\'s only 1 opponent, how can you add a second?
First Congo war-AI-CapableMay 3rd, 2017, Khanti
Thanks for making this scenario.
Enhanced Mod SuiteFebruary 2nd, 2017, edsan
I\'ve been trying to enjoy this Mod, but can\'t get it to work. The download is always \".zip\" not \".atzip\" It opens as a blank scenario with one regime, no map size choices etc.. How do I get it to work when creating an Alf Gfx Random Game from the main screen? Very (very) simple instructions please. Thanks (edsan: matchair.com)

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