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Here you'll find an overview of anything related to downloading user-made scenarios and modding and scenario design.

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Bombur1930 v1.33BomburAT GOLD
Four Seasons AT2 FilesweormandAT GOLD
Operation Big Pinelion_of_judahDC:ComProj
Deep Battle 1938BomburAT GOLD
Korean war 1950-53lion_of_judahDC:ComProj
IranIraq warlion_of_judahDC:ComProj

Most Recent Reviews

Note that VR would really appreciate it if you take the time yourself to leave a review on the scenarios you tried. I really would like to see more reviews.

ScenarioChat Message
Four Seasons Full Graphics Pack


May 30th, 2017, Stockinger
Thank You!!!
Four Seasons AT2 Files


May 30th, 2017, Stockinger
Thank you!!!
GD1938 (Gold)


May 22nd, 2017, basilhare
Grande Strategy Gaming at its best. A masterpiece!
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)


March 16th, 2017, basilhare
I played single player as Texas against the AI (all other nations were set as AI). I really like the set up and flavor of the scenario. Very well done and polished (thus my high rating). Really love the card choices and unit pictures. It looks like the game is not well balanced as the AI quickly overran the US AI, but perhaps Texas was not meant to be played as the human vs. AI? Great work on this scenario. Note: Tried a second game as USA...much better balance vs. AI...very enjoyable!
Drive on Smolensk v1.02


October 3rd, 2016, Alan
Enjoyable from start to finish as the Axis player. Have not yet tried the Soviet side but will do so. Thank you for all the hard work that went into making this scenario.
Triumph of the Reich v1d


September 24th, 2016, beltsman
This is really awesome. Must have taken you a lot of time! Really, really fantastic. One thing I would say is that Virginia was such a big part of the war, I think it could be a bit more accurate. I think Richmond and DC need to be a bit farther apart to allow maneuvering between them, and you need the Shenandoah Valley. But really this is fantastic stuff. No bugs as of right now. The weather and personalized turn reports are a great touch. Bravo, this is a classic!
Triumph of the Reich v1d


September 1st, 2016, Rybinsk1
Had given up on ATG for years, but this scenario, with the ability to modify the starting position of Barbarosa is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are super and much better than I\"ve seen in other mods. The game engine is awesome, in its detail, like simulating the problems a major river would cause in getting supply across. But most of kudos to the game designer, Ian,who was tireless in helping someone to learn how to actually play the game ATG and his mod.

Most Recent Chat Messages

ScenarioChat Message
Europe Large MapMay 7th, 2017, gravyface
Kind of confused with this. There\'s only 1 opponent, how can you add a second?
First Congo war-AI-CapableMay 3rd, 2017, Khanti
Thanks for making this scenario.
Enhanced Mod SuiteFebruary 2nd, 2017, edsan
I\'ve been trying to enjoy this Mod, but can\'t get it to work. The download is always \".zip\" not \".atzip\" It opens as a blank scenario with one regime, no map size choices etc.. How do I get it to work when creating an Alf Gfx Random Game from the main screen? Very (very) simple instructions please. Thanks (edsan: matchair.com)
Bombur1930 v1.33January 14th, 2017, alomoes
You\'ll have to manually delete the scenario file which should be in Advanced Tactics Gold/atgoldscenarios/ And the graphics folder, which should be in Advanced Tactics Gold/graphics Anything labeled Bombur1930 is what you should delete.
Bombur1930 v1.33January 2nd, 2017, Cedric
How do you delete this mod, if you choose too?
Europe Large MapNovember 7th, 2016, ernieschwitz
I spoke with Bwheatley about the map. He would not answer if he had a more finished one, nor would he let me upload the work he has done, and sent to me. You will have to go into the Matrix Forums, and PM him there... His user name is Bwheatley there too.
Europe Large MapAugust 14th, 2016, ArnieL
I would love to see what this map becomes when it\'s done. Is this still being worked on? I wish I had the patience to work on such a project.
Enhanced Officers ModJuly 25th, 2016, ernieschwitz
I think you need to write to Cameron Harris, also known as Lancer on the Matrix forums to get this one up.
Enhanced Officers ModJuly 13th, 2016, Longdan
Can somebody put this one up?
GD1938 (Gold)June 4th, 2016, Khanti
Steevodeevo, you can easily play GD in single player mode. You just need change in editor AI possibilities of war declaration to number greater than zero ;) And of course, forget about using cards. AFAIK AI does not use them.

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