Usually each player plays 1 regime, but there are also a lot of scenarios where a players is supposed to play multiple regimes.


Base Morale

This determines together with People base morale the maximum natural morale growth level of troops under this regime.

Political Points

true or false. Can be changed through event


If dipblock is in place then the regime in question cannot be declared war on, made peace with or allied with by other regimes. (through event its still possible though)


If a regime is sleeping then it will not get a turn. It will be skipped in the Game Loop Screen.


The people who we can picture controlling this regime. People in units and locations can react differently to different people owning them.


Each regime has 499 slots that can be set to any value through events and production. They can be named too, but the naming is universal (for each regime the same).


Each regime has either true or false setting for each Research Field in existence.


Each regime has either status 0 (war), 1(peace) or 2(alliance) with each other regime. It should be set at status 1 with itself optimally.

Presentation Properties


The color for the counter can be set and the color for the text and logo on the counter can be set.

Hq Symbol

Which symbol is used for HQs

Hq Symbol overrule

If overrule=false then the HQ Symbol is rendered in the color specified for the regime. If overrule=true it is rendered as it is.

National Icon

Can be chosen and is used in the corner of the unit counters. Set it to a transparent graphic if you dont want it shown.

Extra Graphic

You can specify an extra graphic ID#. -1=none. If you do it will determine how Subformation Types are shown that are owned by this regime. Keep in mind that People also has an extra graphic ID# that overrules this one.


If you activate mirror all subformationtype logo's will be shown in reverse.


Can be changed through event.

UnitName + Counter

Used as default for new units.

HQName + Counter

Used as default name for new HQs.

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