Readiness Increase & Supply Consumption

After supplies have been delivered over the supply network all units consume supply in order to keep or raise readiness. Troops consume 50% their supply requirements to not lose readiness. Max readiness loss if no supply to consume is a percentage of rulevar 61 and also their supply consume setting is set to the percentage of this basic upkeep need that was provided. No supply at all will the result in a Supply Consume stat for the unit of 0. Making it very vulnerable in combat.

Troops that started this phase with lower then 100 readiness will consume an additional 50% of their supply requirements to gain the first 10 points of readiness. Troops consume yet another 50% of their supply requirements to gain the maximum of rulevar 59 readiness points.

Action points is set to (0.5 * Readiness) + (0.5 * Supply Consume) with a max of 100 points and a minimum for navies of rulevar 44.

Engineer points growth is modified by (AP/100). And maximized on rulevar 42 the maximum EP growth per round for the unit.

Units that are freshly created for ship delivery in the production phase will have all their AP set to 0 AP.

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