Item Type

Item types can be produced in locations.



Is used by Location Types to limit production to certain items.

Gameslot Needed

In order to allow construction of this item certain game variables might be needed to have certain values.

RegimeSlot Needed

And certain regimeslots might need certain values as well.


Other regimeslots might need to have a certain ammount available to be used up in production. This is basicly to be used to model resource use in your production system. It is supported in the engine and prognosis of use and production of regimeslots (resources) are given as well as is the resource cost displayed in the production window.

Production Cost

In Production Points. Each locationtype only has somany prod.points.


Certain researchfields must be active for the regime in question to allow the production of this item.


If item is a political point set to true.


Usually you put 1 here. But there might be instances were you want production to take long and arrive in batches.


If the item is a subformation type then specify which one here.


If this itemtype can be build the building of another itemtype may be blocked with this variable. Used for example to hide Infantry II if Infantry III is already available.


Adds 1 point * multiplier to the specified regimeslot. You can use this for example to simulate mines or oilwells.

XpMod, MorMod

If production is sftype the subformation produced will get +/- these XP or MOR points.


If production is sftype the subformation produced will not get the people of the location that is producing it but this people instead.


If production is sftype the subformation produced will not get the movetype mode it should have but a different movetype mode.

Regime Specific

If -1 all regimes can produce. If -2 no regime can produce. If set to a specific regime only that regime can produce.


Keep in mind that each people has 4 prodmods. You can specify here which prodmod is used for this itemtype.


If it is set this to true. And the multiplier will arrive as supply points.

Who must own?

Certain itemtypes can be set to only be producable by certain peoplegroups. The peoplegroup specified here is the group the people of the regime belong too. not the people of the location. If you want to block production based on people in the location use the prodmods in the people data structure.

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