Landscape Type

A hex has a Landscape Type and sprite# from that LT which determines a lot of movement and combat effects for it.


A hex can have one and only one Road Type specified for each direction (0=N, 1=NE, 2=SE, 3=S, 4=SW, 5=NW).


A hex can have a Bridge specified for each direction.


A hex can have one and only one Location specified on it. For example a town or a factory.

Special Graphics

A hex can have a special graphic on it. This has no effects other then showing an extra graphic on it. Special graphics work the same as Landscape Types and basicly it is an extra Landscape Type + Sprite assignment, but purely for artistic purposes.


Each hex has 10 areaslots. (slot 0 - slot 9). Each slot can have an integer value, negative or positive. Its a neat way to store hidden data.

Last Seen Status

If playing with Shrowd on then each regime remembers the Landscape Type and Sprite and owner. So when there is no recon anymore on the hex the player still sees what was last known about the hex when recon points were still on the hex.


The Regime currently owning the hex.

Victory Points

Or VP. They can be present on a hex. They are the same for each regime playing. And be used in combination with a victory condition specified in the Scenario Settings


Artificial Intelligence Victory Points. They can be specified differently for each regime playing. You can set these AIVP through events.

AP Penalty

Is remembered on a regime to regime basis. Ap Penalties can be caused by combat or by a hex starting in enemy hands. AP Penalties caused by combat carry over between allies. So as to avoid leapfrogging.


Stack points committed in battles where the hex was not taken stay in effect and are remembered on a regime to regime basis. They are remembered seperatly for land attacks, artillery attacks and air attacks. These battlestacks carry over between allies. So as to avoid leapfrogging.

Original Owner

If rulevar 840 is active then at start of game the original owners are set equal to the current owners. Upon conquest of a hex with a orginal owner thats not you but an ally of yours then the hex will automaticly revert to ownership of the original owner.

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