Scenario Settings

There is a number of general scenario settings.



You can set passwords to prevent loading or editing by others.


The masterfile.


Used to change the costs of all research with 1 variable.


Used upon starting game. If 0 or -1 it is not used. Otherwise it specifies the number of production points on the map at which ammount the research cost are perfect. If less product points on the map then the research cost will be put lower and if more production points on the map then the research cost will be put higher.

This variable can thus keep the research costs balanced in respect to the size of the scenario.


Activate this to not allow the player to toggle any regime to AI or human. Keep in mind that the same effect can be caused by putting all regimes to sleep.


Activate this do block the player from toggling regimes to AI players. You should activate this as a scenario designer if the AI cannot cope properly with your scenario.


If a scenario is set to loadable it means that savedgames from the scenario can be imported in the editor again. However keep in mind that game round always resets to 0 if you load a saved game in the scenario.


Up to 12 variants can be defined. Variants are presented at the scenario setup screen and allow the player to customize a scenario. A variant is basicly a game variable that can be toggled by the player in setup to 0 or 1 value. It can be read by scenario events after scenario start or immediatly if you bind an event to the switch of a variant.

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