Landscape Type

Every hex on the map has a Landscape Type and Sprite#. Landcape Type is often referred to as LT.

Representational Properties


If you enable this 64 different border sprites will be used by this LT.

Interior Drawing style

If false then we use exterior border drawing style. If true then interior drawing style.

Extra Exterior

Draw exterior borders specified in LT # specified in this variable. -1=dont use.

Extra Exterior Same

Rather byzantine rule. Not documented.


If set to true then this LT will not cause map edges or frontiers to be drawn. Can help to make map look nice.

Pre Hex Graphics

Here you can specify the bottom graphic of this landscape type. The sprite graphics (if not invisible) will be drawn over this.

Pre-Hex Border

This allows you to let the prehex graphic on the bottom of everything to have borders too. For this to work you need to make a landscapetype with x64 exterior borders and then reference that landscapetype in this variable.

The combination of using these pre-hex borders and the x64 borders can give amazing results.


The color specified is used to blit the landscapetype partly on the minimap and morph regime and lt color. Use -1,-1,-1 (press cancel in popup) to not have the landscapetype influence the minimap coloring.


For each LT you can define an unlimited number of sprites. Each sprite has:

* First drawn graphic

* Second drawn graphics (if PlotLast is set to True)

* An artistic illustration

Graphic Overrides

Every landscapetype defined in this list will get exterior borders defined in x64 above drawn over it. In order of the Z value specified.



The EP cost of building a road on this LT is modified by this modifier. 0.5=half. 2=double. The same modifier is also used for bridge building.


AT Gold AI will not try to move through a LT with AIBlock on.

BuildGround Type

Number 0-99. Its used to check if locationtypes can be build on this landscape type.


If it is sea you must toggle this variable to true.

Hide Points

Some SF Types have their own hide points due to their stealth, but landscape types can also have cover inherent to them. See recon calculations for more info.

Move Cost

Here you can specify the cost for each move type to move into a hex with this landscape type.


Here you can specify the auto-entrench and the max-entrench for each unitgroup. Auto-entrench is the value which is automaticly given just for being present in the hex, max entrench is the maximum that entrench can grow to in this landscape type.

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