Subformation Type

This must be the largest data structure of them all. It allows you to define troop types and equipment, collectivly know as Subformation types or SFTypes.


Move Type

Move type names are defined in groupnames. You can assign a value of 0-99 here. The move type the type has dictates the AP used for Landscape Type, Road Types and River Type in movement and such.

Supply Carry

The ammount of supply each individual of this type carries with itself at no extra movement cost. Ideally this will be filled to the maximum after supply consumption. So if a unit has for example 20 supply carry combined and will consume 10 supply and has 10 supply still in store it will request 20 supply.

Supply Consumption

Half the supply consumption / requirement rate is needed as upkeep for a unit at 100 rdn. Full supply consumption is used to get a unit from rdn90 to rdn100. See Readiness Increase.


Transfer capacity for land or navy transfers. Depends on theater of this type if it represents land or navy transfers.

SFType Group

Somewhere else in the game it could also be known (or used to be known) as unitgroup, but its the same thing. You can assign a value of 0-99 here. RiverType give modifiers based on the unitgroup. There is also an exec that can set global modifiers for unitgroups through events.


0=land, 1=navy, 2=air


Is important to determine if type can be carried by other type and in transfer cost calculations, as well as loading on transport ships and paradropping.


The carry capacity is not to be confused with Transfer Capacity. It determines how many other individuals of other type it can carry to for example mobilize a unit. Example: truck has carry 20 and infantry weight 1, truck can thus mobilize 20 infantry.

Upgrade Too, cost, xp

A type that has an upgrade too type X specified can be upgraded by the player at the cost of a number of supply points equal to the production point value specified in cost. You can also set minimum xp that a subformation must have in order to be eligible for upgrade.


A quick and dirty stat to allow the type to travel at lower cost then its movement type would dictate.

Recon Points
Hide Points
ZOC Points

The engineer points grow each round with this ammount.

Staff points , CombatMod, MoraleMod

A HQ needs 1 staff point for each powerpoint in control. The mods at 0.0 give no bonus and at 1.0 a 100% bonus if the staff is at full experience level. See combat calculations for more info.

Blow bridge points

Used for all demolishment operations.

Anti Supply points, Range, Sea anti supply points

Seperate anti supply points are used for supply on sea and land hexes. The points are excerted in an AP range specified.

Rail Cap

Transfer capacity for rail transfers.


If set to false this type will never be carried by another type.


AirCarrier Capacity points are needed for a ship to be able to take the seas with aircraft in it.

Action Point Mod

Quick and dirty way to give unit structurally less or more AP then it would normally have.

Combat Properties


Seperate score used for offense and defensive role.


Number of attacks per combat round.

Max Attacked

Maximum number of times this type can be attacked per combat round.

Stack Points
Rear Area

Same as the term “backbencher”.

Artillery Range

0 means this type is not artillery.

Favourite Target tries

Score of 1 means it is basicly picking a random target.

AA Range

0 means no AA range.


Whats the chance a hit scored by this type is a kill.


Whats the chance it is a retreat hit.


Not present in editor. But the chance on pinned hit is 100% - (kill%+retreat%)

Artillery Mod SFType

If another SfType is specified here its landscape type mod table will be used to determine effect of artillery barrage. This can be usefull for example for battleship which does not suffer attack modifier if directly attacking port, but needs to get an attack modifier is using shore bombardment. The kill and retreat % of the referenced SF Type will also be used when doing artillery attack. Thats all thats used from the other SFType: (1) Landscape Mod, (2) Kill% + (3) Retreat%.


If an individual of this type is killed a specific regimevar of the regime that killed it is increased by +1. Example use to register if the single presence of 1 President SFType has been killed. Or for counting kills of civilians to increase zombi troops.


Every time an individual does an attack the specified slot is increased by +1. Could be used to for example reflect the cumulative effect of combat on the map.


If set to 1 the effect of the rulevars giving attacker in land attacks some initial combatround penalties is as it should be. If set lower the effect will be diminished. For example you can set armour to 0 and infantry to 1 as to favour armour in offense and make infantry a bleeder in the first rounds. See rulevar 316 and 317.

AntiStructural Points
Entrench power

The gain in entrenchment points this type can maximum make every round.

Power points

These are used to display the value on the counters, and also in numerous other calculations. Usually it is best to keep power points close to the relative value of the type or the production point cost.


Every attack it does (multiple per combatround possible) it results in the loss of X absolute readiness points.

Auto Destroy

Can be set seperatly for offensive and defensive use. You dont want rockets to detonate if under attack for example, or mines to detonate in offensive.

Kill to Retreat%

Upon an individual of this type suffering a kill hit in combat there is an x% chance that this is mutated to a forced retreat hit. warning: excess use can make this type very ellusive.

Combat Detail Stats

Versus each possible SFType group a target can belong too the following stats are defined:

Favourite Score

The higher the score the more likely it is to be a target of this sftype.


How many attack points has the type in offense.


Attackpoints in defense.


Attack points if doing artillery attack or shorebombardment.

Art Favourite Score

How favourite is this target if doing artillery strike.


Howmany hitpoints in offense.

Hitpoints Def

Howmany hitpoints in defense.

Combat Landscape Mods

For each possible landscapetype the type might be fighting in there is a modifier. The modifier can be different for offensive and defensive combat.

AI Role scores

Here scores can be given for the AT(Gold) AI to know what sort of type it is.

Prevent Rules

For each rule you define the case were SFTypeGroup X (PreventHitOn) is attacked by enemy SFTypeGroup Y (PreventFrom). For each rule you can set the chance that the prevent works. If the prevent works this type will replace the type you are preventing the hit on. The number of prevents this type can do per combatround is defined in MaxPrvPointsGiven. Each prevent costs the number of points specified, and the type that is receiving the prevent must have this number of MaxPrevPointsUsed available. The priority is used if multiple types compete on protecting a certain other type from receiving a hit, highest priority will to the preventing.

This rule mechanism allows the scenario creator a plethora of intricate dependencies reflecting certain combat doctrines. For example you could model small unit tactics advances in early ww2 were eventually infantry was assigned to close tank support to try to prevent bazooka or at gun tank fire hitting the tanks.

Fuel Stats

Allows you to set possible fuel use for movement, attack and defense and combat modifiers for if out of fuel for movement, attack and defense. A pecularity in the engine needs mentioning here. -1 as well as 0 for FuelType Use is considered as “None” or no fuel use at all.

Representational Properties

Move Wav

Wav file Played when the player moves this type

Battle Wav

Wav file Played when this type is doing batte.

Counter Symbol

Graphic used on the counter.

Artistic Graphics

Used as illustration in main screen and detail view.

Overrule symbol

If overrule symbol is set to true, the counter symbol will not be coloured to the regime specifications but keep its original colours.

SymbolGroup, SymbolWeight

Determined to check which graphic should be used in a unit with multiple subformationtypes. Used is the counter symbol of one of the sftypes in the SymbolGroup with the heighest weight, then the specific sftype in this symbolgroup with the highest symbolweight.

By playing with this settings you can make the logo appear on units which helps the player the most. Like giving trucks a high score, since players will want to be able to spot mobilized units at a glance.

Extra SFType graphics list

A regime can be set to an extra graphic, so can a people. If either is this table will be looked to. If the extra graphic# searched for is defined in this table as ExtraCode is present then the counter symbol and artistic graphic and name defined in this list will be used.

This enables you as done in Classic.at2 AT rules to make 1 sftype appear different in allied, german and soviet hands.

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