Research Fields

A research field can be known by a regime. It can be needed in order to allow the construction of certain locationtypes or itemtypes.


SFTypeNr Sprite

A researchfield is represented in AT Gold as an actioncard. The picture used by the specified SFTypeNr will be put on the card. It will keep in mind possible extra graphic setting of the regime to display the correct picture in the extra graphics list of the SFType.


Up to 2 pre requisite researchfields can be specified that must be known before this field can be researched.


If it is already researched it will block visibility ofanother known researchfield in the GUI. This allows you to for example let Infantry III block Infantry II research and so make things more readable.


In new random games algorithm a stone age game is started no initial researchfields will be present. If you start a random game without stone-age all researchfields with tech level 1 will be given to all regimes.

In the old random game algorithm you can select the use level 1 tech option or not to the same effect.


If -1 then the cost of the research field is specified in political points. If >-1 it is specified in regime var # specified (resource).

Research Cost

The cost in PP or in resource specified can be set for each people group differently. The peoplegroup used is the group where the people of the regime attempting research belong too.

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