Supply System

Supply flows from highest HQs to lower HQs and to normal units.

The AP cost between receiving unit/HQ and sending HQ are calculated using the movement type in rulevar 99. If the distance from the original source to the target unit is more then rulevar 51 AP only 25% of supplies requested can be delivered. If more then rulevar 52 only 50% will arrive, if more then rulevar 53 only 75% will arrive, if more then rulevar 3 0% will arrive.


You need to have a port hex in control in order for supply to flow unhampered over seas to land again. Without a port it costs rulevar 82 action points to go a shore. Going from shore to sea without a port is completly impossible. A dammaged port will cause part of the rulevar 82 penalty to still be in effect.

Supply Requests

Any unit will always try to have its maximum amount of supplies in store. To accomplish this a unit will request the amount of supplies it is missing + what it will need to spend to keep or restore readiness.

Supply Delivery

HQs will attempt to deliver all the supplies requested. But if there is less present then there is requested, deliveries will be less then requests. While being delivered supplies can be lost too enemy anti-supply.

Passenger Units

Units that are passengers with other units (see load and unload orders) will keep consuming supply. For this they will use the supply of the unit that they are onboard with, there own supply will be considered packed in crates (or something) and will be unreachable untill they have been unloaded again.

Naval units out on the seas

Units on sea hexes are not supplied. To resupply they must start their turn in a port hex.

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