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Rulevar 507 can disable the load and unload order.

A naval unit can load a land unit. That is a unit without air or navy subformations.

Only non-HQ units can load other units.

A passenger unit counts as a subformation, a unit already carrying 8 subformations cannot load a passenger.

A unit cannot load an empty unit.

If the unit that is loading is in port the unit that is going to be loaded has to be in port too. If the unit that is loading is in sea hex it can load a unit from a neighbouring land hex.

The total weight of the to be loaded unit may not exceed the carry points of the loadings unit naval subformations.

After effects

The event specified in rulevar 843 is called.

All subformations of the loaded unit will lose all their Action Points (AP). (this will prohibit unloading in the same round)

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