Game Loop Screen

The Game loop screen is the first thing that you will see when you start a new game or end the turn of a regime that you are playing. The Game loop executes a number of steps and at the end of executing all steps for a non-sleeping regime not played by the AI the player can start playing his turn in the Main Screen


The game loop screen does the following in the order given below.

Start of Game

This only happens the first time the Game Loop screen is opened. It does the following:

* Set original owners of hexes

And for every regime:

* Reset AP/Stack penalties

* Set initial peek

* Set Recon and ZOC for all its units. See Recon and ZOC

* Clear History

* Execute “start of game” events

End of Turn

If somebody just ended its regime turn.

* Reset recon and ZOC values of that regime. See Recon and ZOC

* Clear History of that regime

* Reset AP/Stack penalties. See AP Penalties

* Execute any “Close Turn” scripted events

Turn increase

The next regime gets the active turn.

Round increase

If game is just started a new round is started. Also a new round is started if full cycle of turn increases through the number of regimes is completed.

* Redim stats

* Check for winner

* Execute any “Round” scripted events

* Calculate “present troops” statistics

* Make initial models

Sleep test

If regime is sleeping skip the turn for the regime, do not execute any further gameloop steps and back to the top of this list again. Unless the regime that is sleeping is an uber-regime

Setup of turn

* Reset AP penalties for enemy hexes

* Set AS penalties. See AS Penalties

* Set Uber On

* Execute any “Early Turn” scripted events

* Production if not unter-regime See Production

* Set Land,Navy and Rail Cap for HQs if not unter-regime

* Do auto-reinforce if not unter-regime and rulevar 337

* Supply System if not unter-regime See Supply System

* Set units ready if not unter-regime See Readiness Increase

* Do entrench if not unter-regime See Entrenchment Increase

* Do morale growth if not unter-regime See Morale Increase

* Do auto recover of locations if not unter-regime

* Do experience growth if not unter-regime See Experience Increase

* Do auto conquer neutral hexes if not unter-regime and rulevar 79

* Set Uber off

Sleep test again

If regime was uber-regime and sleeping then now its turn is finished. and we start on top of list again

Startup of turn continued

* Set Recon and ZOC

* Execute “Late Turn” scripted events

* Do deck cards

* Do auto events

* Set Extra Stat

* Initial ZOC Conquest check

* If scenario is a campaign room then now exit Game Loop Screen and go to Campaign Screen

* Play Sound (startturn.wav, defeat.wav, victory.wav )

* Execute any “Early Open Turn” and “Late Open Turn” scripted events. “Late Open Turn” scripts only executed after correctly logging in to the turn.

* During the AI play the “After AI Init Check” events are executed.

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