AS Penalties

Means Anti-Supply.

Anti-Supply Points

Anti-supply is in the game to reward and reflect the effects of a player having naval and aerial superiority over the seas. It means the player that does not have this superiority will suffer significant losses (or even almost total losses) in anything that has to be transferred over water. Supply travelling over water is susceptible to anti-supply damage. Points that are destroyed by anti-supply will be reported. Anti-supply is a specially-created concept to model the effect of not having superiority of naval force while needing to transport supply across it. Enemy ships and aircraft can exert anti-supply points, causing you losses over everything you transfer.

Subformations have seperate scores for anti-supply versus land and sea hexes. Regular use is intended for use versus sea only.

AS on Land

Aircraft anti-land supply points will only cause losses to supply on land, not to transfers and strategic transfers on land. However this can be switched on with rulevar 309

Calculation of Anti-Supply

All enemy subformations able to exert anti-supply will do so. Navy subformations will exert their anti-supply points unless the player has set standing order of the unit they belong to, to “no AS”.

Air subformations need to have “intercept” enabled to excert AS points. And they will only excert AS on hexes that cannot be intercepted by one that hex owners air units at start of the turn. Changing air formations’ standing orders to intercept in a turn will only help for preventing AS on your hexes on the next turn.

If you destroy enemy naval units or air units, this will remove their anti supply points immediately from play. The amount of anti-supply points enemy units have available depends on their Readiness.

A HQ that receives production of air units has its intercept standing order always put to never because otherwise producing one aircraft a round could prevent enemy aerial anti-supply points.

Anti-Supply Effect

You can lose a percentage of supply points or transfer transporting subformations at HQ (cargo ships) as well as the transfers themselves due to anti-supply points. Damage is calculated by adding all the anti-supply points on all the hexes in the trajectory from source to target. These are added up to a max of 9,000 points. The square root is then taken and the result used as the percent of damage suffered.

Harbor Blockade

You can use your naval forces to effectively blockade enemy ports. To blockade a port, put your fleet in front of the enemy harbor you want to blockade. All hexes next to the harbor and your fleet will then get its normal anti-supply points multiplied by rulevar 303.

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