In the production phase all locations attempt to deliver their production to their HQs.

If rulevar 312 is active then production can only arrive in a HQ in the same hex.

if rulevar 513 is active the Set Production and Set Production HQ orders will be removed from game.

No HQ Needed

RegimeVar (resources) production is always delivered directly to the Regime that owns the producing location. Political points too, but only if the locationtype is set to “NO HQ”.

Regular Production

AP cost from location to HQ is calculated with movement type specified in rulevar 99. Max action points the HQ can be away is rulevar 3. Delivery penalties are given if more AP then specified in rulevar 51 (75% delivered) , rulevar 52 (50% delivered) and rulevar 53 (25% delivered) are used.

Flows too the HQ of the location. And can be dammaged by AS Penalties in transit.


Location Types with lowest Z-Order produce first.

Regimevar cost

If there are any RegimeVar (resources) costs for producing these are used up upon completion. Partial production does not cost resources yet.

Left production

Production that could not be delivered due to distance or other logistical errors is saved up and could be delivered next turn together with the newer production. However note that production not produced due to lack of resources is not saved up!

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