Action Card

Instances of action card can be held by regimes. Only 1 instance of each card can be held by a single regime.


PP Cost

The cost for a player to play the card. 0 = free. -1 = unplayable and will be displayed as “N/A”.

Execute Event

The event that will be called when the card is played.

Tempvar0, Tempvar 1

The values you give here will be used to set Tempvar0 and Tempvar1 in the event that is executed. It is a way to pass information from the card to the event, so that 1 event can cater to multiple cards.

Areaslot, Areavalue

Set Areaslot > -1 to make the player chose a hex before the card execute event is called. Only hexes with specified areaslot set to areavalue will be selectable. The selected hex X,Y will be given to the event in Tempvar2 , Tempvar3.


If set to true any unit can be selected that has been tagged as selectable by the Pre-Execute Event. It is passed to the Execute Event as Tempvar5.

Pre-Execute Event

This event is before a popup screen is presented to the player in which he/she can chose

Presentational properties


0 = red, 1 = green, 2 = dark blue, 3 = yellow, 4 = light blue

Event Picture #

See Event Pictures to see how to load event pictures. You can reference them here. This picture will be shown on the card.

Notes on use by AI

When you are scripting the use of an actioncard by the AI through ExecPlayCard… the script for the AI can set the target hex by using ExecAreaXY. When you want to script the unit selected use ExecSetUnitSelected.

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