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Set Production

Some locations can be set to produce itemtypes. If a location can be set to produce anything depends on if the location is owned by the current player and the locationtype of the location has production points and if there are itemtypes that conform to the following:

*Not have RegimeSpecific set to -2 (no regimes can produce the itemtype). And do have RegimeSpecific is -1 (all regimes can produce the itemtype) or RegimeSpecific == Owner of hex

*The prodmod the owners people has on the peoplegroup of the people of the location must be >0. Notice that itemtypes can use prodmod1, prodmod2, prodmod3 or prodmod4. This is done to allow some owners to produce special or limited number of itemtypes in locations with some people.

*The locationtype must be able to build the itemtypegroup class that the itemtype belongs too

*If the itemtype leads to production of a subformation(type) then the peoplegroup of the people in the location must be in the list of valid peoplegroups for that subformationtype.

*Navy units can only be produced if a sea hex is neighbouring the location.

*The itemtype must be buildable by the peoplegroup of the people in the location. itemtypes have list of valid peoplegroups.

*the locationtype the location belongs too must support the peoplegroup of the people the regime belongs too.

*Specific researchfields might be neccessary

*Specific gameslot or regimeslot minimum values might be neccessary. These are not the same fields as the production costs and these fields are just there to allow some custom rules.

*The itemtype must not be blocked by another itemtype that is producable here.


Changing production causes a loss of all left and unfinished production in the production slot you made the change.

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