Rulevar 504 can disable this option.

This order will enable a unit in a hex to do different things.

Build a new location if none is present in hex.

Upgrade a location toanother location type if location is present in hex and it has full structural points. A location must have full structural points in order to be considered for upgrading.

Repair a location that doesn't have full structural points.

Build Location

If a specific location can be build on a specific hex depends on the locationtype and the ammount of engineer points available in the unit executing the build location order as well as possible supply requirements that need to be stored in the direct HQ of the unit executing the build (unless its HQ itself in which case it must have the supplies).

Also the regime must possess the PP and Resources that might be required for building the locationtype in question.

Other limitations for building depend on the locationtype you want to build:

*It must be buildable

*If a areaslot value is required the hex must have that exact areaslot value

*It must be buildable by the peoplegroup of the people of the regime attempting to build it

*If is port too it must be next to sea to be build

*Researchfields might be neccessarry to build it

*It might need to be at at least minimum distance from other locations. For example minimum distance 2 does not allow building 2 hexes next to eachother, but does allow with 1 in between.

*It must be buildable on the groundtype of the landscapetype of the hex

*There must not be another location present (in that case upgrading might be an option though)

*The supply needed may be present in any HQ in the chain of command of the engineer unit. HQs may be present overseas. The HQs must be within rulevar 53 however. Also keep not that this supply point usage is not subject to AS dammage.

Repair Location

If the location is repairable it can be repaired by units with engineer points. The ammount of repairs is equal to the ep points available versus the EP cost of the locationtype. So if unit has 100EP and the location is at 1000 structural points of 2000 and the locationtype costs 400EP to build the repair will cause 500 structural points to be added.

Upgrade Location

Some location types can only be build as an upgrade of an existing locationtype that must already be present in the hex and must be at full structural points (undammaged). All the rules specified in build location are also enforced for upgrade location.

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