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Set HQ

This order can be disabled by activating rulevar 521.

If rulevar 814 is active no effects are caused by changing HQ. If not the following negative effects occur:

When leadership changes units get confused. The readiness of the unit who's HQ is changed is multiplied with rulevar 48 (0.5 = means rdn will be halved). If unit had no HQ before the assignment took place there will be no readiness penalty.

When troops under command change, staff loses experience. Staff in the new HQ lose upto rulevar 36 part of their experience. (0.33 = lose up to a third). If no new HQ is set, but the unit is set to no HQ, no staff penalties occur of course.

You cannot set a HQ in such a way that a loop will occur.

You cannot nest HQs to deep. There is a rulevar[x] specified maximum depth of HQ nesting.

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