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Recon and Zoc

Units excerth both. Values they excert on hexes is checked after movement,combat and at start of turn.


A unit’s Recon value on its own and neighboring hexes is equal to its Recon Points.

The recon values are cumulative, so more troops means more recon.

You can not see a unit, see a unit but have no further knowledge or miss a unit completly.

Rulevar 8 determines free recon points for owned hex. (2 = 2pts)

Rulevar 11,12,13 and 14 determine how much of a units recon points is effective 1,2,3 and 4 hexes away. (0.5 = half)

If you have more then rulevar 55 recon points on a hex you'll get minimal recon info on units with hide=0.

If rulevar 328 is active then Allies will share recon.


The lowest hide score in a unit that is tested for spotting is used. The engine subtracts that from the recon score.


ZOC is short for zone of control. It simulates the fact that elements of units also can operate outside the hex where they are located. Each unit has ZOC points proportional to its size.

If you have more than rulevar 40 times the ZOC points on an enemy hex than the enemy, and the enemy has no units in said hex, the hex will become yours.

Rulevar 21,22,23 and 24 determine how much of a units ZOC points is effective 1,2,3 and 4 hexes away. (0.5 = half). ZOC points are always effective on the hex the unit resides in.

There is a minimal ZOC points neccessary of rulevar 9 to capture an enemy hex and of rulevar 10 to capture a neutral hex using ZOC.

ZOC points can cause AP penalties for entering them if rulevar 323 is on. See AP Penalties for more info on that.

If rulevar 901 is on you cannot capture neutral locations using ZOC points.

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