Engine Rules

How the AT engine works can be explained in several ways. Only the combination of these types of documentation will give a full picture of how the engine works and how data and rules interact.

Game Pieces

Game pieces are things like units and regimes, but also more data-like structures as landscape types and subformation types.

Game Flow

Game pieces are basicly the data. The data can be modified in rules which are partly present in the game flow. (and for another part in the orders you can give some game pieces)

Game Loop Screen

The Game Loop Screen is the start point of any game. And continues into the Main Screen that enables the player to give orders to game pieces.

Combat Calculations

The Combat Calculations is a part of the engine that can be initiated by either an order or an event. It handles all combat of all types.


Orders can be given by the player to several types of game pieces, like for example: units.

Topical Regular Subjects

Editing related loose thougths

First of all this is not a manual for the editor. The editor is undocumented. Though some tutorials are up on the community website. However some things some notes are provided for. Maybe one day a full manual for the editor can be amassed.

*Small, Normal and Big graphics

*Log Files from 'DEL' to special exports..

*Max Scenario Size recommendations

*Package ATZIP notes

New Dawn related topics

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