Anti Supply

Some subformationtypes excert anti supply points. Subformation types have a stat for range they excert anti-supply in. Also they have seperate anti supply stat for sea and land hexes.

The ammount of AS points that can be excerted is modified by the readiness of a subformation.

Effects of Anti-Supply points on a hex

In the supply phase supply can be destroyed by moving through a hex with enemy AS points on it. Damage is calculated by adding all the anti-supply points on all the hexes in the trajectory from source to target. These are added up to a max of 9,000 points. The square root is then taken and the result used as the percent of damage suffered. Yes this means that 100% losses can never be attained by anti supply.

When using strategic and normal transfers the carried units/subformations as well as the subformations providing transfer capacity points can be destroyed.

This always is the case for sea hexes, but only for land hexes if rulevar 309 is active.

Land and navy causing AS

These points cannot be stopped, except by destroying the unit causing them. This will immediatly remove the AS points.

Air causing AS

Air only causes AS points on hexes that could not possibly be intercepted by enemy air formations. If the causing aircraft can be destroyed in air missions then the points will be removed.

HQ receiving production

A HQ receiving air subformations from production lines always has its intercept % set to NO INTERCEPT. This is to avoid gamey tricks.

Harbour Blockade Rule

Rulevar 303 can be used to set a multiplier on AS points on hexes next to a port.

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