What are TOE's and auto-reinforcement

Feature first added in version 3 of New Dawn (ATG 220g).

It enables the player to prevent micro management while at the same time benefiting from some extra immersion.

TOE's can be created in the TOE Model Designer (one of the right buttons)

And can be assigned with the TOE Changer (one of the middle buttons)

Any units with TOE's assigned will be auto-reinforced when possible.

TOE's are completely optional, you can play New Dawn version 3 without ever touching them. Or you can mix them with regular units (non-TOE units).

The TOE models work together seamlessly with commanders and with any SFType models you might have designed.

Creating TOEs in the TOE model designer

Its quite easy. You create a new TOE and then specify in up to 8 slots its ideal composition.

Furthermore you can set a number of cosmetic options with NATO1, NATO2 and TEXT for the counter. If you do not give a TEXT then the instance number of the unit for this TOE Model will show up: Like 22nd Infantry Division for example (22). Note that the NATO2 is blitted on top of the NATO1 and it is recommended to choose for NATO2 the | || ||| X XX XXX symbols to work together with a regular symbol specified in NATO1. Having 2 layers of NATO graphic allows with the current set already up to 80 x 9 ⇒ 720 possible combinations. (it is fully open to modders to add more counters to the newdawnmodgraphics directories.

For HQs you can specify if they use Roman numbering or not. Furthermore for HQs instance number and TEXT are combined. So if you give for example “A” to TEXT you'll get 1A on the counter as your first Army. HQs are not supposed to use NATO counters but just use the national flag of the regime instead like non-TOE HQs.

Also you can specify “RETURN” to yes or no. Default is yes. If it is on the unit belonging to this TOE will return back to HQ any troops that do not match its ideal TOE. If you set it to 'no' its excellent to give custom extra's to some units while keeping them on a minimum since auto-reinforce still applies (just return of troops to its HQ is disabled)

Also you can specify “RENAME” to yes or no. Default is yes. If it is set to 'yes' any change of the name of the TOE in the model designer or in the change model window will be reflected in the unit name.

Also you can specify “AUTOSTAFF” to yes or no. Only for HQ TOEs. Default is yes. If it is set to 'yes' subordinate HQs will ask more staff than their TOE if they are below 100% staff level. If set to 'no' requests will adhere strictly to the amount of staff specified in the TOE.

Assigning TOE's to a unit on the map

Just click the assign/change model button and change the TOE model of a unit. Or set it to nothing. Its free of charge and you can make as many changes as you like. If 'rename=Yes' of TOE Model than the unit will be renamed upon assigning an new TOE, if not it will keep its name.

There is also an option to change the 'short name' of any TOE enabled unit. If you put just a number like '1' or '277' it will be displayed numeric style, if you give a text (max 5 letters) it will be displayed on the counter. This might be a nice touch for any special units you want to give some special unique name. Or for scenario design purposes since it allows you to circumvert the automatic counter numbering system.

Auto-Reinforcement Rules

Its quite straight forward. First the lowest units/HQs in the chain of command are checked. After the level above.. and above until the top.

If a unit or HQ does not have its ideal TOE it will request troops at its HQ. If the troops are available and the transfer CAP is available the HQ will send the troops.

If the HQ does not have the troops its subordinate wants it will pass on the request to its HQ.

Exceptional rule for staff

Staff uses an exceptional rule. Any TOE assigned HQ unit with staff will ask as much staff as is needed to reach 100% staff level. Unless its TOE has been flagged as 'AUTOSTAFF=no'.

HQs that are TOE enabled will never send out more staff than their minimum compliment specified in their TOE model.

Reinforcement level

Units or HQs can specify their reinforcement level to: DISBAND / 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, PRIORITY.

Priority means the units will be supplied with reinforcements before all others.

Disband can only be given to non-HQ units and will remove the troops from the unit and then disband it.

100% is full auto-reinforce. 0% is no auto-reinforce.

Reinforcements slowly move down the chain of command

Take in to account that it takes a round for auto-reinforcements to travel between 2 units. So if your production arrives at SHQ and then needs to go to THQ and then to FRONT UNIT it will take 2 rounds.

Transfer capacity and fuel use and reserve settings

In New Dawn the auto-reinforce transfer costs are much cheaper than the costs of regular transfers. Own power auto-reinforcement have double the range (and use either RDN or AP whatever is higher for movement points). This is done because the efficiency of an organized rule-based system is supposed to be much more efficient than hap-and-snap manual transfers. Furthermore it prevents micro management being more advantageous. The transfer point cost is only half and any possible oil cost (navy/land) is only a quarter.

You can set capacity point reserves in the LOG subsheets of your HQs. This might be interesting if you want to keep some point for manual transfers and/or strategic transfers. Mouse-over the current land/navy/rail cap points also shows you the points you were awarded before auto-reinforcement started.

Keep in mind that auto-reinforcements are subject to anti-supply just like regular transfers.

Detailed log info on auto-reinforcements

In the LOG subsheets there is logging information on IN-Requests and OUT-Demands for each unit/HQ.

Naval reinforcements special rule

Autoreinforcement of ships to naval units only works within own power movement range. Air and land theater units can be transported by any type of transfer capacity points (land/rail/navy).


Anybody who wants to see what really went on during auto-reinforce can take a look at the logs/ directory where you'll find an autoreinforce log text file.

AI does not use auto-reinforcement

But you can fight it using TOE's if you want. It just skips the auto-reinforce algorithm completely for the AI. It does not create any TOE models nor assigns them. It does not balk if it starts with some for some reason either. Just expect them to get melanged with regular units as the AI will not appreciate their beauty ;)

How to enable TOE's and auto-reinforce in the editor for your scenario

Enabling it in a scenario

It is highly recommended you switch on all the rulevars mentioned below (did not test all possible combinations of activation and de-activation, but feel free to try, just no guarantees).

You have to switch on rulevar 337 to enable auto-reinforce.

You have to set some AP range to rulevar 339. Recommended: 1000 AP same as transfer range.

You have to specify if transfer capacity points are used for auto-reinforce in rulevar 340.

You have to switch on rulevar 344 to show the 'historical units' using TOE models.

You have to switch on rulevar 532 to have the model designer be available to the players in game. So yes it is possible to force the player to use pre-existing TOE models (and for example disable transfer button).

You have to switch on rulevar 531 for the model change button to be available to players in game (and in editor).

You have to set the transfer capacity / own power transfer modifiers in rulevar 910,911 and 912. It is advised to make auto-reinforce slightly cheaper than regular transfer to encourage its use.

Auto-reinforcement is done based on the ReinforcementType of a SFType. You can set several SFTtypes to have the same ReinforcementType code resulting in all these SFTypes being eligible reinforcements during auto-reinforcement.

Where to put the NATO graphics

If you want to create your own NATO counter graphics use a different modgraphics directory (anewdawn uses 'newdawnmodgraphics') to avoid file-overwriting issues on sharing your scenario. Keep in mind NATO counters are loaded on game startup. So adding any new ones will require a game-restart (or reset of modgraphics directory of scenario) to load them. The NATO counters have to be numbered sequentially from 1.png, 2.png, etc… You can find the 'modgraphics' button in the general settings tab of the editor. (a save and restart might be necc. to have them available)

editor TOE tab functions

There is a new editor TAB in the editor called 'TOE' where you can already create TOE's for different regimes and assign them using the same change TOE model button as in regular play in map mode.

It is however advised you use the regular player buttons in the order button since they are much easier to use.

Note that if you use the editor TAB you have to set the single subpart in the second list to a PREDEF UNIT #ID. Make sure this PREDEF UNIT is also a regular unit or also HQ as is indicated for the TOE unit/hq it self. You can add a designation here as well which corresponds with the second NATO counter from the TOE Model Designer.

If you set a TOE model to Fixed it has repercussions for the player in game. A fixed TOE means the player cannot change this TOE in the TOE Model Designer, nor can it assign a unit toe a fixed TOE or re-assign a unit already set to a fixed TOE to another TOE model. Basically when you set a model to FIX it takes away all flexibility regarding this model for the player.

Behind the hood

Keep in mind that in the internal functioning of ATG the commanders and the TOE models (and any TOE instances) are all kept in the internally dubbed 'historical units' table. For example the function CheckHistoricalUnit() returns the hisID# for a commander if we have a non-TOE HQ with a commander in it. But the same function returns a hisID# for a non-HQ unit. It can be the case a commander and an instance of a TOE model share a historical unit ID#. Commanders and instances of TOE models can join and seperate, it is the commander that keeps the tv0,tv1-tv5 variables and the same historical ID#.

Interesting Checks and Execs

CheckUnitHistorical(unit slot nr) ⇒ historical unit ID#

CheckUnitHistoricalModel(his ID#) ⇒ historical model ID#

ExecAddHistoricalUnit ( TOE model ID# , x, ,y ,) ⇒ place a virgin new unit already assigned to a specific TOE with full troops on map.

ExecSwitchModel ( unit slot nr, TOE model ID# , change name ) ⇒ swith a unit to a new TOE model ID#. No troops or added or removed, just the TOE model of the unit is changed.

To-do list for next patch


Possible future extensions

* Allow specifying the reinforcement type of SFTypes in-game so you can for example assign your Tudor Tanks II to different kind of unit than your King Panthers IV.

* Allow feature (in combination with future AI work) where the towns automaticly produce whats needed to meet the REQUEST needs of the units in the field.

* Allow setting 0% reinforcements (without setting to DISBAND)

* In production screen show the Requests made to the HQ so you can better decide what to produce

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