Maximum Scenario Size Recommendations

The AT Gold engine is not limited in any way, however you should not make scenarios that each to much RAM. It can cause all sort of memory problems.

Basicly you are safe when map:

-stays below 20.000 hexes

-does not use more then 10 regimes if on 10-20.000 hex+ map.

-does not use more then 500 subformationtypes and/or itemtypes (especially not if using a lot of regimes)

It doesnt mean the game will run into issues if you make a scenario bigger than that but above this i am not sure it will always go ok. Especially if you go very far above the maximum recommendated scenario specs.


I checked out some out of memory errors and am quite sure they are actually caused by real memory considerations. Your RAM memory maybe very high but the application can maximum use maybe 1.5 GB or something around it (depending on multiple factors). Basicly as it is now you can hold a huge scenario in memory but not neccessarily have the memory left to load another scenario in memory as big as the current one and perform operations on it like importing or making it a masterfile.

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