SF Types with staff points should be used in HQs where they can provide command and control over troops in the form of combat and morale bonusses to regular units. Keep in mind that the bonusses only apply to non-HQ units under direct command of the HQ and not to the HQ unit itself or any subordinate HQs.

HQ Power

The unit eligible for staff bonus effects should also be within range of the HQ. Rulevar 73 and 74 determine the maximum distance a unit can be to receive full effects and partial effects.


The staff percentage is depends on the total staff points the HQ has available versus the total powerpoints of land theater units in non-HQ units under command.

Staff is land only

Naval and air theater units dont count towards the need for staff points in HQs. They dont receive staff morale and combat bonusses.

Basic Staff Bonus

Regardless of the actual capabilities of your staff subformations in the HQ, if you have 100% staff or more you get full base bonus for combat specified in rulevar 140 and for morale improvements in rulevar 141. Lower staff% waters these basic staff bonusses down accordignly to the staff%.

Specific Staff Bonus

Then there is a combat bonus based on the staffs subformation types combat bonus stat * experience level of the staff.

And a morale bonus in the morale improvements phase based on the staffs subformation types morale bonus stat * experience level of the staff.

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