There are 3 directories that are important and that can be set either in the startup scripts file or in the scenario file.

* System Graphics Directory (must be directory under APP_DIR/graphics)

* Sound Directory (must be directory under APP_DIR/)

* Scenario Directory (must be directory under APP_DIR/) (savedgames directory is always the same)

If no directory is specified in the scenario (empty string) the directories specified in the startup scripts will be used.

This is mostly usefull for modders or third parties working with the engine which want to create a complete own look and sound without overwriting the default graphics and sounds.

Combine with startup file

In combination with a custom startup file the use of alternate directories for graphics and sounds can have a very powerfull effect and really present your graphics style and scenarios as a different or stand-alone game.

Combine with ExecReplaceGfx

Will allow you to for example immediatly have the right initial systemgraphics loaded due to the use of alternate systemgraphics file, but then change it again and again based on which regime is playing.


What are the systemgraphics?

The systemgraphics are graphics in the “graphics/systemgraphics” directory. Basicly the images that make the GUI for the game.

When are system graphics loaded

1. At startup of the game right after the game has read the startup modfile. If the startup modfile specifies an alternate systemgraphics directory the game will attempt to load the graphics from there. However if a file is not available in the specified alternate directory it will look in “graphics/systemgraphics” anyway. This means that you can just make an alternate systemgraphics directory where you just replace 1 or 2 systemgraphics. Anyhow… the main menu window is thus already in the style specified by the startup modfile.

2. When you load a new scenario or saved game the scenarios systemgraphics directory (if any specified) is used to replace the systemgraphics.

3. When you exit the scenario setup window or quit back to main menu from a running game the graphics are reloaded from the systemgraphics directory specified in the startup modfile used on startup of the game.

4. When an event loads a scenario

5. When a masterfile is loaded

Keep in mind

You can just replace 1 or 2 systemgraphics when making an alternate systemgraphics directory. You do not have to create copies of everything!

Sound Directory

Sounds are not stored in memory and loaded and discarded when required. They are looked for in the sound directory specified in the startup modfile used. A scenario can specify its own sound directory, the sounds are looked up there then. If a scenario has not specified its sound directory (blank string) the sound directory specified in the startup modfile is used.

Scenario Directory

Can be specified in the startup modfile used. Basicly it has little use. The 'Load Scenario' button uses its own path anyway for start browse location. But in the editor when saving it can be usefull.

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