Startup Scripts

The standard startup script looked for by AT is the file named “defaultmod.txt”, however you can add other such startup files in the mod/ directory. If other startupfiles are present the player will be allowed which one to use to startup the game.

Example of standard startup script:

Advanced Tactics Gold
1,6,150,600,Load Scenario,3,atgoldscenarios\
1,6,-135,600,Load Saved Game,4,savedgames\
1,6,-425,600,New Random Game,13,generic.at2
1,6,-425,660,Old Random Game,11,generic.ptmaster


-Line 1 : Name of Mod. Is used to display in pop-up listbox when player has to choose which mod to use.

-Line 2 : Scenario file that is used to load initial graphics. You can also leave this line blank. Then no graphics will be preloaded.

-Line 3 : You have to specify a 0 here.

-Line 4 : Directory to look for to overwrite systemgraphics/ files from (not all have to be replaced)

-Line 5 : Directory to use when player selects 'load scenario' in main menu or wants to save a scenario in the editor.

-Line 6 : Directory to use to play sounds

-Line 7 : -

-Line 8 : the startup soundtrack

-Line 9 : the startup soundeffect. IS NOT USED AT MOMENT.

-Line 10 : the number of buttons on the main menu

-Each remaining line: A button with the following data: Active,Size,X,Y,Text,Function,Data

Button Data

-Active = 0=no greyed out , 1=yes active

-Size = 1-8 or 18

-X,Y = both are relative to the center of the window

-Function = 5=quit, 6=open website (data), 11=old random (Data=master), 13=new random (data=master), 12=editor, 2= load specified scenario (data), 3 = load scenario from directory (data), 4= load saved game from directory (data), 14=credits

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