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Change Password

If your playing a game with passwords on and one of the players has dropped out of the game while more then 1 human player remains it will stall the game. Especially in large multiplayer games this is a danger.

The solution for this deadlock is to use the change password order.

The change password can be used on any regime except the next human regime directly after the current player. This is done to prevent the use of change password to be used for peaking and cheating.

This however does mean that if the game stalls, 2 players have to replay their turns. However in a long game this price might be acceptible. If you dont, you might want to consider playing without passwords.

So for example we have a game with

Regime A Regime B Regime C Regime D

and they all do turns and send to eachother the turn.

Then regime D suddenly doesnt send anymore. This means regime B will have to replay his last received turn and in this turn change the password of regime D to get entry to it again.

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