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Build Bridge, Build Road

Rulevar 503 can disable this order for use.

Depending on a river is crossed or not a bridge might be build as well as a road.

The hex you are building into must be friendly.

If rulevar 320 is active bridge building is only allowed if a road is already crossing the river.

Its only allowed to build if the landscapetype being build into support building of roads/bridges.

Unit must have enough EP to construct road/bridge.

The EP Cost for the bridge is specified in the bridge data structure. And it will be modified for by the BridgeModifierCosts of the Rivertype it is going to be crossing.

The EP cost of building a road is specified in the road type indicated by rulevar 32. And is modified for the landscape type road cost modifier.

The building of a bridge costs rulevar 822x the resource specified in rulevar 825.

The building of a road costs rulevar 823x the resource specified in rulevar 825.

Unit must have enough AP to move to the neighbouring hex that the road/bridge is constructed into, based on the movement cost before the road/bridge was build.


The EP are subtracted from the engineers in the unit.

The resources, if any, used are subtracted from the regime.

Normal movement costs are subtracted.

An scripted event of the target hex if present will be executed

Any event in rulevar 843 will be executed.

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