Blow Location

Rulvar 506 can disable this order for use.

Any unit with a subformation type in it with “blow points” can try to demolish a location. But the location type must not be set to “Invicible”.

Such a unit also needs at least 50 AP.

Demolish Attempt

Units score a random number between 0 and their total “blow points”. Each subformation contributes its blow points to the units total, but subformations with engineer points saved up increase their original blow points by 100% for each saved up round of engineer points. The points thus caclulated constitute the dammage the demolish attempt causes.

After effects

Unit will lose 50 AP.

Also all Engineer points (EP) are reset to 0.

The location suffers the dammage and when it reaches 0 structural points it might be removed and the hex landscape might be adjusted based on the locationtype settings.

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