Advanced Tactics Gold Closed Wiki

A limited number of users can make changes to this section of the wiki.

* Overview & AT design plans

* Engine rules

* Scenario Rules

* Tutorials

* Faq

Ideas in Progress

Advanced Tactics Gold Public Wiki Area

The following 2 areas are open for anybody to add or change. (Just press login button and then register)

* Open Wiki allows you to add stuff to the wiki without requesting editing permissions with VR Designs.

* Sandbox allows you to practice how to edit and format a page without fear of destroying other peoples work.

On the Wiki

Editing Permissions for closed wiki

At the moment tweber has access to the 'waw:' namespace and the 'scenario rules' page.

And lunaticus to the 'space:' namespace and the 'scenario rules' page.

mitch, roy, rickier, eheiser, tweber and lunaticus have access to the “tut:” namespace.

Want to help with this wiki?

Either because you are a scenario designer and want to document your rules or because you want to help writing a tutorial or explain something in more detail? Its possible to work in teams too and request some permission changes or extra writers to get permissions to help with a part of the wiki you are already working on. Dont hesitate to contact me and send an email to specifying what you'd like to write about please! Your offer and help will be appreciated. And your help will be credited.

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