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For many people who have enjoyed playing Advanced Tactics and Advanced Tactics Gold, there comes a time when they want to will want to extend the game further. They may want to modify an existing scenario, create a new one, change the way the game creates random games, or completely modify the system's rules to simulate a different era or create a different kind of game play. Advanced Tactics scenario editor is powerful enough to address these needs. Practically every aspect of the system, can be modified by the powerful editor. In fact, the editor is a small programming language in its own right. Though some aspects of the editor are self-explanatory, the editor is so complex that much of what it can do will remain a mystery to most users interested in working with it. The purpose of this manual is to make the editor more clear to a wider audience of users. The hope is that a documented editor will lead to even more experimentation with the Advanced Tactics system, which in turn will lead to a wider variety of scenarios.

Table of Contents

  • The Editor Functions. This section is a detailed guide through the editor. It addresses each page of the editor and all the functions on that page.
  • Editor Tutorials. This section consists of user-made tutorials on how to use the editor. These tutorials include topics like creating a scenario, generating new unit types, and building campaigns.
  • Editor FAQs and How-tos. This section consists of frequently asked questions about the editor. It also includes instructions to accomplish small projects with the editor. For example, changing a hex-type or making a minor rule change. This section is organized by question type.
  • Discussion about the Editor Documentation Project. Currently it serves as a to-do list for this Wiki. It is also meant to serve as a discussion board for those who are contributing to the Editor Documentation Project [Eventually, this part may disappear.]
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