How to get scenarios?

Q: Can someone walk me through loading a scenario from the scenario bank into AT Gold?

A: You go to www.vrdesigns.net

1. You register an account

2. You get an email with activation code

3. You activate your account

4. You go to the VR community & scenariobank section and click on any scenario

5. You then come to a scenario info screen of a particular scenario and then click on the link below the text “download”

How to install a scenario

Q: How do I install the sixth army zip i downloaded from the scenariobank?

A: As follows:

1. I click Install / Zip

2. I get a file browser pop up.

3. I change the filetype from .atzip to .zip

4. I select the sixtarmy.zip file (double click, or select and then press ok)

5. File browser closes and I get a “Advanced Tactics Gold” popup that says it might take some time. I press ok.

6. The scenario installs.

7. I go to load scenario. Select the ”.pt2” file type. go to 6th army directory and select the “Against the Belgians” scenario (the first one in the campaign)


Where is my ship?

Q: I ordered a town to produce a ship. It should be completed by now. Where is it?

A: If the HQ of the town is located in the town the ship will be there. Otherwise it could have been put into any unit thats present in the town. If no units are present in the town a unit will be created if you have the PP available to create one. If you dont have the PP and there are no units present then the production cannot be delivered. Also always check if you have the Raw materials available to complete your production. If you dont have the required RAW that the ship needs the ship will not be produced at all and thus not placed anywhere on the map. Easy way to check if you have enough resources is to check the top bar of the main screen: it shows current stocks, estimated use by production first. always make sure your estimated production use is lower or equal to the current stocks.


My aircraft dont work

Q: I tried to let my fighters with 100 action points join in a nearby airstrike, but they wont

A: There can be multiple reasons for this. (1) either the aircraft are on mud terrain or the target is; aircraft cannot fly on muddy season hexes. (2) you are out of fuel. check the fuel resource in the top of the main screen. Furthermore you might want to click on recon mission to see the maximum range your aircraft can operate and if there are any fuel issues.

Land Units

Mobilizing your slow SFTypes

Q: Okay I've run into a little problem here. How many horses do you have to use to get your Heavy Artillery horsemovement capacity? With normal Art I use one horse for one Art piece. Horses have 10 carry capacity, so that's one Art piece. Heavy Art weighs 20, so I'd reckon give that one 2 horses… but no go, it still remains an Art piece concerning movement capacity.

A: Heavy artillery is to much for horses to tow and are of no use. It requires trains or motorized transport to mobilize. Heavy artillery without any assigned transport still has some inherent ability to move, just not very far. Carrying units can only carry other units whose weight is up to their own carrying capacity. That means, no tow trucks for tanks, horse-drawn trains, or anything like that either.

Event Scripting

Some event is called without that being possible

Q: Why is a certain event called while it is set to “No Check”

A: Please check if rulevar(843) is not set to it… Or that a location type is not set to event checks in AI producing variables.

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